Pay Per Click

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Pay per click marketing can get you more sales, as per recent statistics, PPC ads can boost your sales with an increase of 80%. It comes in a bundle of services which includes Google Shopping and PLA Ads, brand awareness, device-specific strategies that convert prospects into sale.

PPC requires expertise to garner results from your ads. It requires a lot of experience and we know the right techniques to create compelling ads and setting up the right bid. Sigmaa services offer excellent PPC services which starts with following:

  • Conducting a comprehensive audit of your accounts.
  • Reviewing and recommending ads.
  • Reviewing analytics which relates to goal and e-commerce.
  • Actionable recommendations for ongoing PPC Ads.
  • Affordable Bidding plans with growth forecast.

PPC completely fits in a space where the website is new and need more visibility. It also boosts your SEO activities. A new website sometimes takes a lot of time to rank on the first page but with an efficient pay per click campaign management you can garner more traffic to your website.

Sigmaa services offer world-class services where the focus is on client converting traffic and thus increasing revenue.